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 Mod app by Simon/Toy Soldier.

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Toy Soldier

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PostSubject: Mod app by Simon/Toy Soldier.   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:17 am

Dear Turmoil x staffs, My name in game is Simon in game im called "Toy Soldier" i wanna apply for the position of mod cause ive really wanna help players whit something they dont know. My experience is ive played private servers for 4 years almost 5 im 15 years old ive love to make new friends url cause its fun to fantasy like how they are irl and how they look so also i had staff like 8 times on servers some of them whit also 200+ players i love to follow the rules so i can tell the other if they say like "you did it too" then i just can say, no i didnt dont blame me for it(: i also dont swear and i play probaly 5-6 hours a day ive read rules and pvp rules like 10-15 times before i applyed most of all i am at ::home ore ::pvp and my timezone is (GMT+01:00)
i hope i would get a re-ply with friendly greetings from Simon:D lol!
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I Lick U


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PostSubject: Re: Mod app by Simon/Toy Soldier.   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:27 am

still seems no one looked at the application format thread -.-.
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Mod app by Simon/Toy Soldier.
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