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 this is just a test to see how good i did for future admin

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PostSubject: this is just a test to see how good i did for future admin   Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:12 am

::name Cody James Hester.

where do you live?

I live in washington grays harbor county elma 226 newman cr rd.

Why are u apping for admin?

I am apping for admin beacuse i've ben playing this server for alittle over 3-4 weeks. I never abuse every one likes me well.. i can't say every one but most.
I have never once abused no one has every relly complained about me. I jail when i have too if its some one who doesnt know or they are new i make them read ::rules and if it happens again then they get jailed.
I never get mad relly too players i do have bad days tho but i will never jail some one or mute them casue they flame me or kill me i am all for helping new players. I have irl pics on msn I am a trust worthy person i'm runing out of stuff to say so thank's all for lisoning

[justify][center] thanks for listong imcody out!
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this is just a test to see how good i did for future admin
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