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 Admins on the chatbox

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PostSubject: Admins on the chatbox   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:07 pm

Here are the commands on the chatbox
i have it myself cmds are:
Join a channel: /join Channelname

Create a private room (Registered users only): /join

Invite someone (e.g. to a private room): /invite Username

Revoke invitation: /uninvite Username

Logout from Chat: /quit

Private message: /msg Username Text

Open a private channel: /query Username

Close a private channel: /query

Describe action: /action Text

Describe action in private message: /describe Username Text

Ignore/accept messages from user: /ignore Username

List ignored users: /ignore

Display user channel: /whereis Username

Kick a user (Moderators only): /kick Username [Minutes banned]

Unban a user (Moderators only): /unban Username

List banned users (Moderators only): /bans

Display user IP (Moderators only): /whois Username

List online users: /who [Channelname]

List available channels: /list

Roll dice: /roll [number]d[sides]

Change username: /nick Username
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Admins on the chatbox
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